You can read it direct from our managers why our league is tops in NJ!
ABA Manager Testimonial - Jim Clayton, Morristown Grasshoppers:

By far, the ABA is the best amateur league I've ever played in, and I'm proud to represent them each and every Sunday! My team truly appreciates the fact no matter what is thrown their way, the commissioners respond immediately and get it right.

My friends and I joined the ABA in the fall of 2010 and never looked back! The commissioners have done a great job addressing whatever concerns my team has had. Did your opponent back out of the game at the last minute? They'll find you a new one. Did an opponent bring a ringer for a playoff game? They'll make it right. Did the umpires make too many questionable calls or run their mouths? They'll get to the bottom of it.
Umpire Testimonial: Tom Ferriero - Swear by A B A for various reasons, as an umpire for 8 years in this league. Competition level meets all needs from elite to just playing for first time in a while. Last week I got to witness free agent play for a team that needed a player. He got there just in time for doubleheader and no lie!!! Was a major factor in that team splitting doubleheader..Larry is not paying me to speak highly about his league, the league speaks for itself!!!!! Unless Hurricane Sandy comes, you will play and lastly once you meet Larry, you will be sold by his great humor. Truly is a good and friendly league.
ABA Mgr Testimonial: Rajiv Fernando, Bloomfield Knights

I've been playing in the ABA for at least 10 years now, give or take a few. Looking back at everything, I've enjoyed playing in this league for Larry and Jason and now that I've had my own team for the last couple of years, they've been extremely helpful and supportive along the way. It isn't easy dealing with so many things and once and it is nice to know Larry and Jason have got your back. They have been fair with decisions, scheduling and in-game issues. I look forward in continuing to play in this league. Larry deserves a round of applause...mostly because you have to literally go 'around' him, which would take a long time. In any case, thanks for everything guys!
ABA Manager Testimonial: My name is Matt Manning and I'm the Coach of the Amboy Angels. We joined the ABA 2yrs ago after our league folded. I contacted Larry Frank and he immediately answered all of my questions about the ABA. After a week or two of inquiring with other leagues, we chose to join ABA and its been a blast ever since!!! The league has several divisions to join and a ton of teams to face. Our old league only had around 12 teams total and the fields were scarce. This lead to a bunch of forfeits and rain outs. Since joining this league we have not missed ANY GAMES!!!! Larry and Jason are only a phone call away, and seem to always have a solution on the drop of a dime. The league also offers excellent incentives, such as a reduced team cost if paid early and the ability to play all of your games ON YOUR FIELD!!!! The teams in this league are full of great guys who love and respect the game, which makes the AllStar game an awesome experience. The Amboy Angels have found a great home here in the ABA and we plan on being here for a long time!!!
ABA Manager Testimonial: Erik Kirby #13, Co-Manager Jersey Dirtbags

Four years ago I was sitting around remembering the good old days of when I was a kid. I sat there remembering what it felt like to hit a line drive, or make a diving catch then gun someone down who that it was dropping. So out of curiosity I decided to see if dudes my age where still playing for fun. Well... they were... and it looked awesome, so I decided to try it out. Now when I think of the crack of the bat I don't have to strain so hard to remember it, because it was last week and it was fantastic. It's a solid reminder that THESE ARE YOUR GLORY DAYS. What the ABA gives you isn't a product, it isn't a service. It's an experience. An all encompassing baseball experience from hitting a line drive, to rounding third, to playing on some of the nicest fields in the North East. I now co-manage the Jersey Dirtbags with one of my best friends Scott Toledo. Every weekend we go out and play the game we love with people we love to be around. Why do we stay with the ABA? Because they keep the experience real, professional, and fun all for a reasonable price. Anyone in any type of business knows that's not easy to do, it takes experience and knowledge that isn't exactly common. As a team manager it helps to have a league that offers contingency plans in case of a flooded field, lack of players, or any other last minute issues that comes up when handling a large group of adults who live everyday lives that change last minute. The ABA has proven time and again that they can be called upon to handle their business, and that's why the Jersey Dirtbags have returned in 2014 for another year of ABA baseball!
ABA Manager Testimonial - Ike Pineda, Clifton Whitesox

My life as a manager is pretty miserable. I have to deal with broken downs that can't seem to pay me on time. I deal with "No call, No show" guys and have to scramble to find replacements to even compete in this league. I have 2 year old at home that runs my life. She doesn't let me sleep on my bed, and has taken over the TV full time. My 5 year old is the princess of the house and whines about everything and my beautiful wife complains that i never see her on sundays. I have amazingly talented latin ball players that rather listen to that new bachata then cheer their guys on during the game. But there is one thing that i can count on every sunday, and thats BASEBALL. I never have to worry about the umps, the field, the rules or anything like that. I have all the equipment i need and if i don't ill just call Larry and go to his house at anytime of day or night and pick something up. I appreciate the ABA because without them life would be completely MISERABLE!!!!
ABA Mgr Testimonial: Milton Yong Yow, CJ Aces 

The ABA has done an excellent job in their priority of getting games played. Whether it is helping teams with replacement players, moving game times due to scheduling conflicts or moving fields due to poor conditions, the ABA always puts forth the excellent effort to get games played.
ABA Mgr Testimonial: Christian Lesperance, Brick City Bruins

When asked to take on managing duties and create a new team for the ABA even before ever playing an inning in the league, I was a bit hesitant and worried that I couldn't do what was asked of me. With some prodding and pushing, Larry and Jason promised that they would help me out along the way, making sure I had something to fall back on if things became too crazy. They kept their promise to this day, and after two full seasons they still support me and my team wholeheartedly in whatever we need. They are fair and just in their decision-making, and if there's a problem on game day, one of them always solves it without even needing to be at the field. If I need players to fill-in for injured or absent team members, they always coordinate to have someone ready to play for my team. These guys are dedicated to their league, and to the people that show that same dedication to playing baseball every week. I have to say I've had more fun at both managing and playing in the ABA than I ever did when I was young.
ABA Manager Testimonial: Matt Merrigan, East Brunswick Cubs

I have played and coached in the league for years. After playing competitive baseball in high school and college, I was looking for a committed league that provides me with good competition, fair play and commissioner assistance. The ABA offers all of the this and more. It is a comprehensive league that includes teams matched by levels of competition and region. Commissioner assistance is always available and helpful throughout the season. Many of my favorite baseball memories took place as a part of the ABA and I will continue to support and participate in the league for years to come.
ABA Mgr Testimonial: Rickie Richardson, Brick City Tigers 

On behalf of the Brick City Tigers I'd like to take a timeout to say thank you ABA! I've been a member for 10+ years! I started as a player now me, along with Charlie Baez and Christopher Segarra are managers and loyal members of the ABA organization. 

I'd like to add that Larry Frank is by far one if the funniest people I've ever known for Facebook post to muppet of the week to everyday conversation. He also taught me Baseball etiquette lmfao
ABA Manager Testimonial: Chris Bauer, NJ Braves

I have played for other leagues but I must say, the ABA by far has been the best. I contacted Larry many years ago with interest in the ABA. He right away have me an opportunity with his team/teams. I was playing every Saturday and Sunday with his metal and wood teams. Sometimes playing 8 games in one weekend, which I loved. I had personal issues which do not allow me to play for a couple of seasons. He did not have a spot open for me on his teams when I was ready to come back to play, but quickly had me placed on another team in the league. At this time my two brothers also were playing on the team in the ABA but were not happy with the team they were playing with, so the ABA got all three of us on the same team together. We played for a couple of seasons with them and went on to start our very own team.. The NJ Braves. We have now had a very good solid and somewhat successful team and we are still growing with the help of The ABA and free agent players that we have needed through the years. I am and have been as very happy as well as my teammates have been. We as a team are very happy being a part of The ABA. And will continue to play for this league. I know people who left to other leagues for whatever the reason ( cheaper fees, bigger hopes and dreams, better fields.. Etc...) I am sure they are not happy by leaving The ABA. I would just like to say Thank You Larry and Jason and the entire ABA FAMILY for making my baseball experience so great.. I have been playing this game since I am 5yrs old.. And will play as long as my body allows. I speak for myself and the rest of the NJ Braves.. Once again thanks!!!
New ABA Manager Testimonial: Shadi Rimawi, Jersey Dodgers

This is my first year as a team manager and I have to say Larry has provided me with excellent customer service, whenever i came across with a question. Anytime I didn't have enough players for a game, I would contact Larry for replacement players and within a day, he came through. He was also very flexible with the league fee deadline, which was much appreciated. It has made my experience as a manager easier. Now we just have to win some games! lol Great job Larry!
ABA Manager Testimonial - Dave Perino, Manager, NJ Thunder:

It all started with of all people, my Mother-In-Law. She knew I loved Baseball, and she knew I was bored to death by Softball. I was unaware at the time that there were recreational baseball leagues in New Jersey. My Mother-In-Law, like old people do, was reading the newspaper, and came across an ad for baseball players wanted in norther New Jersey. She cut out the ad, and gave it to me the following day. After I called the number, I was placed on the NJ Thunder, which was a team consisting of individual free agents like myself. About half way through our first practice I knew this was for me! 
That was 6 years ago, and now I manage the NJ Thunder, and play both Spring/Summer, and Fall leagues in the ABA. I have to say in the six years I have been with the ABA, I have ZERO complaints. To start, the price is extremely reasonable for what you get. With a standard team of around 13-14 guys, each player ends up paying less than $290 including everything for 22 games over 4 ½ months. That's less than $13 a game!! 
The umpires in the ABA are great, they show up on time, and are always quite friendly. In six years I have never had a game in which the umpires did not show up. For the first 5 years in the ABA, the NJ Thunder didn't have a home field, so we relied on the League to find us fields to play on.. They are always playable (weather permitting) and most of the time, they are exceptional.. 
The ABA is managed quite well, I have never had an issue getting in touch with either of the two guys who run the league. From the managers meeting, to the end of the Fall season, they are always there to make sure team have what they need, whether it's equipment, players, fields, or just advice.
I have to say, every Sunday from the first week in April, until the end of November has become my favorite day of the week. I look forward to it all week long, and all winter long. I love this game, and I am very grateful to the ABA for making it so easy to play and enjoy the game I love.
ABA New Manager Testimonial: Brian Fornataro, NJ Pirates

I have been playing in this league for 11 years and it has never let me down. Whether it be a schedule adjustment, a last minute request, or sponsorships and support for the charity events I have recently run, Larry and his team have always been there!! 
I would recommend this league over ANY other I have ever played in!!
New ABA Team Testimonial: David Policarpio, Brunswick Gunslingers

I originally joined the ABA as a player during the Spring 2013 season. I was asked several questions about my skill set and was definitely put into the correct division based on what I told them. The following Fall season, I decided to create my own team after the great experience I had with ABA. Larry was definitely helpful and is very accommodating to anything I needed or asked him. Starting my own team was definitely easier than I expected because of the Commissioners. 

The best thing about the league is the ease of communication with the Commissioners. Whether it's by phone or email, the Commissioners do their best to answer them as fast as possible. I've had a couple of rainouts in the current Spring season and the Commissioners were able to find me another game against a similarly skilled opponent in less than an hour. Communication, in my opinion, is definitely important for a rec league and the Commissioners, Larry and Jason, definitely do a great job at it.
New Team Testimonial: We from the Old Bridge Expos would like to take time out to thank you guys for the excellent work you've done to begin our first year in the league. Our team has been out of baseball for a couple years and dearly missed the game. 

We saw the ad for your league and decided to give it a shot not knowing what to expect. So far we are a few weeks and 5 games in and really love the league and the work you guys do as a whole to accommodate us. As a team we have had many questions and have had all of them answered with great detail leaving us feeling very knowledgable of the league. Its a great time with great leadership from the league officials. 

We from the Old Bridge Expos again would just like to take the time to say thank for you the outstanding service and league play and look forward to being part of this league for many years to come. 
The Old Bridge Expos
ABA Manager Testimonial: Craig Smith from the Monmouth Expos - I just wanna say thank you to the ABA for keeping the older guys in this league feeling young still by playing this beloved past time every sunday they do a great job of keeping it running the right way i have been playing for over 10 + years and hopefully another 10 with the ABA thanks larry and Jason 
ABA Manager Testimonial: Walter Fernandez, Perth Amboy Rebels - I have been in the ABA for a many years now and I can honestly say the service this league provides is top flight. I mean things like having to change location last minute to avoid rain outs to schedule changes to accommodate teams in game disagreements. I'm very satisfied with the way things get handled. Keep up the good work guys.
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