ABA Testimonial - Scott Paltos, Mgr of the North Jersey Threshers

01 Jan 2015 Written by

It’s every boy’s dream to play in MLB or maybe even sniff the minors. Well as we all get older that dream never changes, it just gets to be a little slower and a little less active…EXCEPT for weekends with an occasional mix in the middle of the week. Yes, at the perfect age of almost 38, along with some close teammates ranging from ages 25-63 we get a chance to go out and play some ball. We get a chance to run around like kids, albeit with more responsibility than when we were kids. 

Now I have played in and out of every league in North Jersey. Myself along with some of those above-mentioned have had a chance to travel in and out of the country playing tournaments, BUT when the winter peaks we know it is time for our spring/summer team. The Threshers, our baseball team (formerly Redmeats, Paladins, Wahoos, & Statesmen) will be playing in the ABA again with Larry. Not because we are forced to, but because we want to. As a manager I pride myself on going above and beyond for my team. We have awesome uniforms and the field we play at is top notch. We are back with Larry, because he treats his league the same way. Larry takes the time to make sure we get answers as soon as we all know the “right” answer. There is no leverage with others that dictate what he will do. There is no cutting or minimizing how important the situations are, in his eyes he wants to make sure the right thing is done. There is an attention to the teams in the ABA, not just names. 

I appreciate what a team and commissioner do when they pay attention to details. I appreciate a league that has been around for over a decade now, while still having the ability to know they still need to improve. Larry has not sat back on anything, and has made sure we are welcomed back after a few years away. We look forward to another great year in the ABA once the frost melts and the grass grows green. 

Scott Paltos
North Jersey Threshers
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